Gimme Shelter
Venezuelans abroad be like...
Cover for Stadtform Magazine. Issue 7 - Revolution
Mea Culpa
During Venezuela's downfall, the culprit feels the heat. (Even in the afterlife).
Personal work
Tropical Tiananmen
An unknown woman confronts the tanks during Venezuela's protests in 2017. A symbol of resiliance.
Personal work
What young Venezuelans do when they’re not being killed.
Personal work
The end is near
President Maduro can't handle the Tsunami on the streets.
Illustration for Stadtform Magazine. Issue 7
Grocery Shopping
When dignity is a price too high to pay for food.
Personal work
Lost Childhood
Not all heroes wear capes, some just a 9 mm.
Art Direction, Illustration, Digital Art
(1989 - 2017)
An image from 1989, that keeps repeating itself today.
Commisioned work
My sister.
She's the real Wonder Woman
Personal work
Somos más (We are more)
The faces of the resistance in Venezuela.
Personal work
Blood on the streets
When the streets scream, they also bleed. Propaganda posters.
Personal work
Caracas Chronicles
Selected pieces for Caracas Chronicles. A good source of information on current events in Venezuela.
Editorial illustration
Obsessed Heart Syndrome
Alcohol and regret usually make for the best stories.
Short story. Personal work
Cota Mil
A trip down memory lane.
Short story. Personal work
Night out
A short story in the wake of the Paris attacks in 2015.
Short story. Personal work
At any other time, these Trump-Farage pictures would be funny.
Commissioned work for NGOs
Global thinkers 2016
Decision-makers, challengers, innovators, artists, advocates, chroniclers, stewards, healers.
Commissioned work for Foreign Policy magazine
A real man is
A series of posters aimed to redefine our criteria and start a conversation on what a real man is.
Guerrilla marketing for Where the real men are
I'm sorry you feel that way
Bill Burr, a comedian known for his heated, straight-shooting style, is not afraid of hurting some feelings.
Personal work
Appointment in Samarra
A contemporary take on the classic fable about the inevitability of death.
Personal work
Ancient Tuberculosis
On how the disease came to America through seals from Africa more than 1000 years ago.
Illustration for the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History
Under the skin
A movie poster from a personal perspective.
Personal work
El capitán Beto
Rest in Peace, flaco! Luis Alberto Spinetta, Argentinian artist, now his music is the light of men.
Personal work
David Bowie - Lazarus
Somebody else took his place, and bravely cried. (I'm a Blackstar, I'm a Blackstar)
Personal work
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