The Deadly Seven Sins

Come on sinners let's go down!

“For their feet run to evil. They hurry to shed blood”
Proverbs 1,16
The sin’s inherent religious meaning and the underlying historical truths behind it made me go back to that fat, guilt-driven kind-of-novel that is the bible. It was just like I remembered it, only this time the media baggage I’ve accumulated since the last time I put it down provided me with tons of new references to compare it with. It actually made me think of a particularly dark reality show: Abraham marries and impregnates his infertile sister. Lot’s daughters get him drunk to try and fuck him in order to perpetuate their race. God bathes an entire town in fire and blood... because a man cheated on his wife! And that’s just to speak of the Old Testament, let alone the apocalypses, a work of fiction that makes one think of Cecil B. de Mille on drugs. The morbid, sadistic aspect of it makes it really hard to ignore. It increases the appeal and attraction to the paradox of the vengeful-yet-loving god and the ever-guilty and submissive human being. Sins, as told in the bible, seem to be the only fun thing a human can aspire to do, and function as a sort of cathartic valve in which, in the end, we all meet. All people shit and sin the same way, don’t we?
This visual party-meets-orgy is clearly fed by all the trash that’s been sold to my generation as culture. Full disclosure: I LOVE that trash that’s been sold to me as culture. It’s by far more my culture than anything else. Anyway, and back to the drawing, it is my biggest piece yet. I like to take a few steps back, sit down and look at it. It’s just so centered on pleasure. If there’s anything actually nutritious to it, it’s a mere coincidence.

Ink on paper, 100 x 70 cm
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